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Anna-Lena Laurin Fotograf Nadja Hallstro

Anna-Lena Laurin (1962) is a Swedish Composer living in Malmö. She was Composer in residence with Camerata Nordica 2014-2016. To Camerata Nordica she wrote ”Concerto for Flute Strings and Harp”, ”Concerto in Memoriam” (for trumpet and strings) ”Concerto for Guitar” and ”Sirens for the Slumberers” (for solo violin and string). ”Concerto for Flute Strings and Harp” as well as ”Concerto for Guitar” were both nominated by SMFF as one of the most important works in Sweden 2011/2016.

Swedish Radio appointed Laurin Composer of the Year 2013/Jazz cat, for her symphonic works in which she includes jazz soloists. 


Examples of other orchestras/soloists/conductors that Anna-Lena has had commissions from are; Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Norrlandsoperan, Malmö Opera Orchestra, Ryan Bancroft (USA), Joana Carneiro (PRT), Amalie Stalheim (NO), Johan Bridger, Swedish Radio, Olle Persson, Domingo Hindoyan (VEZ), O ́Modernt with among others Hugo Ticciati (UK), Janne Thomsen (DK) and Christoffer Sundqvist (FI). Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal de Mar del Plata, (AR), Nordic Chamber Orchestra, Swedish Wind Ensemble, Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Lunds Vokalensemble, Norrbotten Big Band, New Places Orchestra, Göran Söllscher, Piia Komsi (FI), Anders Bergcrantz, Christian Lindberg, Aleksander Nohr (NO), Victor Lewis (USA), Irina Emeliantseva (RU), Andrew Manze (GB), Nisse Landgren, Thomas Søndergaard (DK), Anna-Maria Helsing (FI), Alicia Terzian (AR), Håkan Hardenberger, Brynjar Kolbergsrud (NO), Haga Duo, Paul Mägi (EE), The Gothenburg Combo, Mats Jansson, Anders Paulsson, Mats Bergström, David Härenstam, Katarina Andreasson – everyone most well-reputed, among many others and Laurin’s music is performed around the world at concerts, festivals, radio and TV-stations. 


Laurin’s music is also presented on about 15 CD-albums, all critically acclaimed whereof several are portrait albums of her music, such as together with the symphony orchestras in Gothenburg and Malmö. In 2023 she collaborated with Arméns Musikkår - a commission from Swedish Radio to them - and in pipeline is piano concerto for soloist Mats Jansson and Norrköping Symphony Orchestra just to mention something.


With her orchestral work ”The Painter” and the CD ”Anders Bergcrantz Plays The Painter by Anna-Lena Laurin”, she was awarded Composer of the Year #2 at The 37th Annual JazzStation Awards/The Best Jazz of 2015 - the global blog located in Los Angeles. The same site also appointed her DVD Iphigenia, containing her orchestral work with the same name, DVD of the year 2016 #2. The piece was commissioned by Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. To have reached so much accomplishments in two so different genres, truly makes Laurin unique.


She started her professional career as a jazz pianist and vocalist. Now-days she spend most of her time composing, but still performs as a jazz pianist for example in her daughter Iris Bergcrantz Quintet. A band that has been critically acclaimed all over and was awarded titles such as Vocal Jazz CD of 2016 and Laurin herself, was appointed Electric pianist #6 and Keyboard #6. Her composing emphasis on symphonic music. 

Some press Quotes:

"Excellent, wonderful and amazing"- Lage Olsson Barometern


"Eruptive sounds that make the landscape tremble in its foundations and the sky open up. Being able to stay there and just open up and receive is probably what this music is most about...."

"Anna-Lena Laurin’s premiere of her wonderfully storming commissioned work ”Song of theJuniper”, was a great success in the Gothenburg Concert Hall. Lite a slightly calmer Anna-Lena Laurin who presents herself with blackness, beauty, and existential depth".

- Martin Nyström Dagens Nyheter

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